Company Introduction

Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc. is a manufacturer and marketer of integrated hydrological, meteorological and oceanographic monitoring instrumentation, accessories and information systems that help optimize water resource management and enhance forecasting. Stevens first understands the customers' objectives and then provides an applicable system that consists of electronic sensors, data logging and process control instruments, communication equipment and necessary software for data presentation to help the customer understand environmental conditions and efficiently execute decisions.

Products & Services Summary

Stevens sells hydrological, meteorological and coastal oceanographic sensors, data collection platforms and telemetry communication systems for governments and industries that monitor and manage the environmental conditions, with emphasis on water resources. Services include first and foremost a customer service support staff to assure our customers' success. Other Stevens's services include engineering support on systems design, installation and commissioning; on-going monitoring station maintenance; and data collection and management

Targeted Environmental Market Segments

Stevens is the "HMO" to measuring and monitoring the health of our environmental conditions. Stevens focus targets on the following market segments that provide information to help better understand and manage our water resources:

  1. Hydrological - the measurement of water level, water flow and water quality in streams, rivers, ponds, estuaries, irrigation canals, lakes, reservoirs and aquifers;
  2. Meteorological - flood warning / forecast and weather station configurations defined as hydromet stations and agricultural stations; and
  3. Oceanographic - tide gauge and current measurements for shipping channels, water quality, and tsunami warning.

Other Information