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Teledesign TS4000 900MHz UHF/VHF

True cloud-based sensor configuration, logging, reporting and data analysis all-in-one.


Shark (RS232/RS485 Bluetooth Serial Adapter)


A cloud-based interface to configure hardware, visualize data, analyze measurements, manage alarms, calculations, and set up data routing.

MEASUREMENTS TO MIND (M2M) is a growing suite of Stevens products that embraces cloud-computing with an all-inclusive vision of shortening the communication path from the sensors to data on-line. That is, what the sensors MEASURE the MIND sees.

The product finder lets you explore our catalog visually and filter products by type of monitoring, manufacturer, and more.


SOLO (smart SDI-12 power manager)
JL-2 (solar charge controller)
Power Supplies
Solar Panels

Smart SDI-12 power manager that also provides remote power cycling.

The product finder lets you explore our catalog visually and filter products by type of monitoring, manufacturer, and more.

The product finder lets you explore our catalog visually and filter products by type of monitoring, manufacturer, and more.

About Us

Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc. is a manufacturer and marketer of integrated hydrological, meteorological and oceanographic monitoring instrumentation, accessories and information systems that help optimize water resource management and enhance forecasting. We start by fully understanding our customers’ goals and requirements. Then we design a system (whether simple or complex), consisting of sensors, data logging and process control instruments, communication equipment and necessary software for data presentation. Our objective is finding the shortest path between environmental conditions and your understanding of those environmental conditions to efficiently execute the best decisions.

Our focus is the earth’s valuable water resources, in every form it occurs:

Our expertise is meteorology
Our expertise is groundwater
Our expertise is soil monitoring

Our core values:



Do what's right, not what's easy



Engineers, technologists, innovators



Have fun and love what we do



Proactive in ALL aspects



Professional with ALL



Easy to do business with



Grow big, or go home!

A History of Innovation

With a focus on simplicity, innovation and efficient solutions, Stevens Water are experts in hydrological and environmental monitoring.

We’ve been innovating water monitoring solutions since 1911.

  • First remote, unattended water level monitoring instrument—the standard for today’s water level measurements
  • First with a water resource data book used by many professionals and universities (6th edition)
  • First with a telemetry instrument for water level monitoring (“Telemark”)
  • First to develop a standard of visual water level measurement using staff gages, now today’s public domain (and USGS) standard Style A, B, C, E and M gages.
  • First to transmit environmental monitoring data over the ORBCOMM LEO system
  • First to develop a Bluetooth product targeted at the Environmental Monitoring market’s demands
  • First data logger for the environmental monitoring market with more than 1GB memory


Water Monitoring Expertise for Over 100 Years


JC Stevens invents the Type A chart recorder, the first continuous stage recording device. This original design is the basis for today’s Type A and Type F recorders.

1911 chart recorder

Stevens Water Monitoring Systems was originally founded as “Leupold & Voelpel” in 1907 by brothers-in-law Marcus Friedrich (Fred) Leupold and Adam Voelpel. The firm, located in Portland, Oregon was primarily focused on the repair and manufacture of surveying equipment.

Leupold & Voelpel

JC Stevens joins Marcus Leupold and Adam Voelpel’s company, firm renamed to “Leupold, Volpel & Company”.


The Telemark, the first remote water level reporting device, was introduced by JC Stevens. The product was patented two years later in 1939.


The company was renamed “Leupold and Stevens Instrument Company” after the death of founder Adam Volpel and to better reflect the company’s current focus.


JC Stevens helps found the Oregon Museum Foundation, which would later become the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) in 1949. JC Stevens would serve as president of OMSI for 13 years.


Leupold and Stevens Instruments designs and sells their first hunting sight, setting the future for the “Leupold” side of the business to focus on sport optics while “Stevens” continues to pioneer the water measurement business.


The continued growth of Leupold and Stevens Instruments is cause for a move to new, larger manufacturing facilities in Beaverton, Oregon. The new 66,000 square feet headquarters was built to handle 20 years of expansion—instead, the space was used up within four short years, necessitating further expansion.


The optics side of the company and the water monitoring side of the company are separated from each other, with Stevens becoming “Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc.”, a privately-held company with its primary focus on monitoring water in the environment.

stevens old logo

The original (analog) Stevens HydraProbe, based on patented technology is released to the market, soon becoming a best-seller for Stevens as a way to quickly measure water content, salinity, and temperature of soil.


Stevens releases the Shark, the first Bluetooth radio transmitter specifically designed for the environmental monitoring and testing market. It can link devices from up to 300 feet apart, and features true RS232/RS485 serial cable emulation.


Stevens moves to its new corporate headquarters in Portland, Oregon near Portland International Airport, affording more room to grow as the company expands its business.


Stevens Water Monitoring Systems celebrates its 100 year anniversary of monitoring the Earth’s environmental resources.


Signalling the beginning of a new chapter of innovative product development, Stevens completely re-brands the company. Our new tagline “Measurements to Mind” shows how invested we are in the concept of cloud computing—we believe there will be a fundamental shift in how the industry collects data, and we intend to lead the charge.