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HydraProbe Field Portable Used to Validate the Soil Moisture Active Passive Satellite Data in Manitoba

The calibration and validation of remotely sensed soil moisture products relies upon an accurate source of ground truth data. The primary method of providing this ground truth is to conduct intensive field campaigns with manual surface soil moisture sampling measurements, which utilize gravimetric sampling, soil moisture probes, or both, to estimate the volumetric soil water content.

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New Features Available in HydraMon v.1.3

We've updated our HydraMon app for iOS and Android devices. HydraMon allows users to configure and download data from the HydraProbe soil sensor through the HydraProbe Field Portable.

Here's what's new in v.1.3...

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Free Software Lets You Use HydraProbe to Determine Soil Water Retention Curve

The Soil Water Characteristics software is a hydraulic properties calculator, developed by the US Department of Agriculture and Washington State University. It estimates soil water tension, conductivity and water holding capability based on the soil texture, organic matter, gravel content, salinity, and compaction.

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