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Background and Sensors

Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc. (formerly Leupold & Stevens) in partnership with Hach Hydromet and Tyco / Greenspan Technologies LTD, provides easy to use and reliable Water Level Sensors, Water Quality Sensors, Water Quality Analyzers, Soil Moisture Sensors, Soil Temperature Sensors, Soil Conductivity and Salinity Sensors, Water Flow Measurement, Chart Recorders, Water Monitoring Accessories, Staff Gages (gauges) and Weather Monitoring Sensors.

Data Loggers and Process Control

Stevens offers a wide selection of data loggers and Data Collection Platforms (data acquisition platforms) for environmental monitoring sensors, event notification, flow monitoring, and process control.

Remote Environmental Telemetry / Communications

Stevens has Telemetry options for both short-range and long-range communication of environmental monitoring data via Radio modem, Cellular modem, Telephone modem, Bluetooth Radio Transmitter, GOES Satellite (geostationary), GOES High Data Rate Transmitter, and Orbcomm satellite (low earth orbiting (LEO).


Some of Stevens product applications include ground water, water resources management of stage, flow and quality, water analyzers, waste water flow, hydrological, hydropower, agriculture, and irrigation, precision agriculture soil monitoring, golf course and sports turf soil sensing and measurement, hydrometeorological, agrimet, coastal oceanographic (GLOSS standards), and tide gage.