Quartz Multispeed Timer (QMT)

For Type F and Type A chart recorders

Part # 45773, 45776


Stevens Quartz Multispeed Timer (QMT) kit with parts for adapting to Type F or Type A chart recorders. The QMT is used to drive the chart recorder's paper and pen mechanisms and ensure accurate records are taken of water level.

New Simplified Controls
The new Stevens QMT features a single dial for easy setup. Identify the speed you need from the table on top of the unit, turn the dial to the corresponding number and you're done!

Multiple Power Options
No matter the location, the new Stevens QMT can be operated by either a set of standard C-cell batteries in a small battery pack, or be connected to a wet or gel cell battery if one is available (for example, using the chart recorder as part of a larger environmental monitoring system that includes a solar panel and rechargeable battery).

Software-Customized Speed Settings
The Stevens QMT comes with easy-to-use software that allows users to create two custom speed settings for the operation of the QMT. This allows the QMT to operate outside of the standard preset speeds, allowing it to be easily adapted to unique recording applications.

Third Party Chart Recorder Compatibility
Due to its unique design and easy software customization, the Stevens QMT may work with many chart recorders, not just Stevens Type A and F.

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