Van Essen Diver-DCX

SDI-12 converter for Diver sensors

Part # 51144-337


The Van Essen Diver-DCX (Diver Direct Communication eXchanger) is specifically engineered to integrate Divers into any SDI-12 compatible telemetry system.

The Diver-DCX extends the communication format of Divers to any SDI-12 compatible telemetry system, enabling real-time digital transmission of water level and water quality data. The built-in pressure sensor provides barometric compensation of water levels collected by the Diver, which reduces the need for post-processing, and along with an air temperature sensor, reduces the need for additional sensors to measure these parameters.

The robust compact housing and pressure vent, made from industry-standard GORE-TEX®, offer a durable water-resistant barrier to the internal electrical components, resulting in reliable operation. Since power is supplied by an external source (no internal battery is required), this allows the compact Diver-DCX to be mounted inside the well casing, translating to long-term, uninterrupted use.

  • Expands Diver monitoring networks to telemetry systems, offering “real-time” monitoring.
  • Provides built-in barometric compensated water levels; no post processing required.
  • Pressure vent is made from GORE-TEX® offering reliable water resistance.
  • No internal power source required, allowing for flexible installation options.

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