Van Essen Diver-Mate

Portable Diver data download device

Part # 51144-420


The Van Essen Diver-Mate is designed for simple and fast download of data, increasing download efficiency while reducing data transfer errors.

The Diver-Mate can store Diver data from hundreds of Divers. Used in combination with a Diver Data Cable (DDC), this downloading unit stores data in a non-volatile memory drive, meaning that even if the battery is empty the data will still be available. A full battery can support more than 10 days of operational use and a LED will indicate when the battery voltage is low.

  • Extremely easy to use - plug in, wait until the green comes on, and unplug.
  • A robust way of downloading data—works even under water.
  • Easily manage Diver-Mate data with Diver-Office.
  • Store data from over 1,000 full Diver sensors.
  • Reduce errors on accidentally reprogramming or stopping Divers.
  • Download data from hundreds of Divers with one fully charged battery.

Diver-Mate connection

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