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Teledesign TS4000 900MHz UHF/VHF

True cloud-based sensor configuration, logging, reporting and data analysis all-in-one.


Shark (RS232/RS485 Bluetooth Serial Adapter)


A cloud-based interface to configure hardware, visualize data, analyze measurements, manage alarms, calculations, and set up data routing.

MEASUREMENTS TO MIND (M2M) is a growing suite of Stevens products that embraces cloud-computing with an all-inclusive vision of shortening the communication path from the sensors to data on-line. That is, what the sensors MEASURE the MIND sees.

The product finder lets you explore our catalog visually and filter products by type of monitoring, manufacturer, and more.


SOLO (smart SDI-12 power manager)
JL-2 (solar charge controller)
Power Supplies
Solar Panels

Smart SDI-12 power manager that also provides remote power cycling.

The product finder lets you explore our catalog visually and filter products by type of monitoring, manufacturer, and more.

The product finder lets you explore our catalog visually and filter products by type of monitoring, manufacturer, and more.


Analog pressure transducer

Part # 93720

sdx pressure transducer

The Stevens SDX (Submersible Depth Transmitter) is a pressure sensor that delivers accurate results while still remaining very affordable for a wide range of level measurement applications.

High impact, corrosion-resistant PVC Type II housing and potted electronics make the SDX extremely durable for most water and hostile fluid environments. The SDX is also an excellent choice for level measurement application that may put more expensive sensors at risk for damage.

The SDX comes equipped with user specified vented cable lengths. The vent provides an atmospheric reference for the sensor, which is necessary for ensuring the highest possible accuracy when making a level measurement.

The SDX features one 4-20 mA analog output signal that corresponds linearly to range. Compatible with existing power and data logging instruments, the SDX can easily be deployed for data collection at remote monitoring sites.

The sensor housing integrates pipe threads for securely mounting the SDX into pipes, tanks, or other applications.

  • Rugged housing and fully potted electronics—not damaged by freezing water
  • Compact size
  • Accuracy of ± 0.25% full span
  • Analog output (4-20 mA)
  • Vented cable, 2 wire, with drain
  • Weighted copper nose cone

Optional Desiccant Cartridge

The SDX is a “Wet-Wet” device. While it is important to keep the SDX cable’s vent tube unobstructed for barometric pressure compensation, neither the pressure transducer nor internal electronics are damaged by condensation or moisture entering the vent tube. For best results, Stevens recommends the desiccant cartridge with vent tube adapter.

desiccant cartidge for sdx

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What's the Easiest and Quickest Way to Start Collecting Data and Access it Anywhere?

The Answer's in the Cloud.

eTracker is a cellular modem and "virtual" cloud-based data logger in one (meaning you don't need to install a separate data logger). Simply connect your sensor and a power source to eTracker and you're done. Configure (or reconfigure) anytime from any Internet-connected device, and use Stevens-Connect to retrieve your data, or forward it to your favorite software system.

Technical Specifications

Power requirements

9 - 26 VDC


4-20 mA current signal, linearly corresponding to range

Operating temperature

-40° F to 185° F (-40° C to 85° C)

Compensated temperature

32° F to 122° F (0° C to 50° C)


0-2.5 ft range: 0.2% max.
0-5 ft range: 0.2% max.
0-10 ft range: 0.2% max.
0-35 ft range: 0.3% max.
0-50 ft range: 0.3% max.
(0.1% typical for all ranges)

Repeatability & hysteresis

Typical: ± 0.2% span

Reverse polarity protection

Built into sensor


0-2.5 ft: 20 psi max.
0-5 ft: 20 psi max.
0-10 ft: 20 psi max.
0-35 ft: 45 psi max.
0-50 ft: 45 psi max.


Qualification tested to 150 g


Red: power
Green: 4-20 mA return
Silver: drain wire

Pipe threading

1/2-14 straight pipe thread (back of sensor housing near cable)
3/8-18 straight pipe thread (under removable copper nose-cone)

Physical size

4.00" L x 0.84" dia. (101.6 mm L x 21.33 mm dia.)


Probe: 2.37 oz (61.19 g)
Cable: 0.43 oz (12.19 g) per foot (.4 g per cm)
(weights are approximate)