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Teledesign TS4000 900MHz UHF/VHF

True cloud-based sensor configuration, logging, reporting and data analysis all-in-one.


Shark (RS232/RS485 Bluetooth Serial Adapter)


A cloud-based interface to configure hardware, visualize data, analyze measurements, manage alarms, calculations, and set up data routing.

MEASUREMENTS TO MIND (M2M) is a growing suite of Stevens products that embraces cloud-computing with an all-inclusive vision of shortening the communication path from the sensors to data on-line. That is, what the sensors MEASURE the MIND sees.

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SOLO (smart SDI-12 power manager)
JL-2 (solar charge controller)
Power Supplies
Solar Panels

Smart SDI-12 power manager that also provides remote power cycling.

The product finder lets you explore our catalog visually and filter products by type of monitoring, manufacturer, and more.

The product finder lets you explore our catalog visually and filter products by type of monitoring, manufacturer, and more.

OTT Pluvio2

All-season rain gauge

Part # pluvio2

ott pluvio

Recognized worldwide for its precision and performance, the OTT Pluvio² is an all-weather precipitation gauge that uses superior weight-based technology to measure rainfall, snow or hail.

The Pluvio² determines the collection bucket weight every 6 seconds. The difference between this measurement and the known weight of an empty collection bucket equals the precipitation accumulation. The difference between the current bucket content and the previous measurement equals precipitation intensity.

The OTT Pluvio² evaluates each measurement and compensates for external influences such as temperature, wind, and evaporation.

  • Large collection capacity—750 mm or 1500 mm
  • Accurately measures wide range of precipitation intensities
  • Real-time intensity measurements (in/min or in/hr)
  • Accumulation measurements with consistent 5-minute delay
  • Automatic, continuous measurement
  • Drift-free, hermetically sealed measuring platform
  • Complies with WMO guideline no. 8
  • USB interface for communication with a computer
  • Pluvio² software for basic setup and control measurements
  • 4” flange for easy installation
  • Optional ring heater for use in cold climates (1500 mm version only)

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eTracker is a cellular modem and "virtual" cloud-based data logger in one (meaning you don't need to install a separate data logger). Simply connect your sensor and a power source to eTracker and you're done. Configure (or reconfigure) anytime from any Internet-connected device, and use Stevens-Connect to retrieve your data, or forward it to your favorite software system.

Technical Specifications

Types of precipitation

liquid, solid, and mixed

Collecting area

200 cm² and 400 cm²

Collection volume

1500 mm/m² and 750 mm/m²

Collecting area

Pluvio2 200: 200 cm2
Pluvio2 400: 400 cm2

Collection volume

Pluvio2 200: 1500 mm
Pluvio2 400: 750 mm

Sensor element

sealed load cell

Measuring range

Precipitation: 0 - 50 mm/min or 0 - 3000 mm/h
Cumulative precipitation threshold at 60 min. collection time: 0.05 mm/h
Precipitation intensity threshold: 0.1 mm/min or 6 mm/h


Impulse output: 0.1 mm (remaining amounts in 1/100 mm will be factored in during the collecting time of 60 minutes)
SDI-12 and RS-485 interface: 0.01 mm, 0.01 mm/min or mm/h

Accuracy (at -25 °C to +45 °C)

Amount: ±0.1 mm or ±1 % of measured value
Intensity: ±0.1 mm/min, ±6 mm/h or ±1% of measured value

Power supply

9.6 - 28 VDC
LowPower: 5.5 - 28 VDC

Power/power consumption

≤180mW, typically 12 mA at 12V
Low Power: ≤55 mW, typically 4.5 mA at 12 VDC


USB: configuration/service mode and firmware update
Serial interfaces: SDI-12 or RS-485 (SDI-12 protocol or ASCII.txt)
Digital outputs: impulse 0.1 mm and status (0 - 120 impulses/min; configurable; 5 Hz or 2 Hz)

Measurement output

  • Intensity *RT
  • Amount *RT/*NRT
  • Amount *NRT
  • Amount total *NRT
  • Bucket content *RT and *NRT
  • Temperature of load cell
  • OTT Pluvio2 status
  • Heating status (if present)

Intensity output interval

1 minute

Output delay

*RT: 18 seconds
*NRT: 5 minutes

Query interval

6 seconds - 60 minutes


Pluvio2 200: 450 mm Ø x 740mm H
Pluvio2 400: 450 mm Ø x 660mm H
Pedestal: 4" Ø

Weight (bucket empty)

15 kg


Baseplate: aluminium
Bucket: polyethylene
Pipe housing: ASA,UV-resistant

Environmental conditions

Temperature, in operation: -40 °C to +60 °C
Temperature, storage: -50 °C to +70 °C
Relative humidity: 0 to 100% (non-condensing)


Housing/Loadcell: IP 65 / IP 67, resistant to salt fog
EMV: complies with EN 61000-4-2/3/4/5/6, CE conformity

*RT = real-time; NRT = non real-time; units can be configured in mm or in (inch), mm/min or mm/h, in/min or in/h and °C or °F