Met One 024A

Wind direction sensor

Part # 51083

024A wind sensor

The Met One 024A wind direction sensor provides azimuth data for use in micrometeorological measurements related to operational studies and research. This sensor is especially useful when a low starting threshold, a high damping ratio or a short delay distance is required. (For example, in making Paquill determinations or for use with sigma computers, both a high damping ratio and a short delay distance are mandatory performance criteria.)

The 024A is presently employed in continuous service in environments ranging from Antarctic cold to arid desert regions.

  • Precision wire-wound potentiometer
  • Built-in alignment and calibration fixture
  • Digital or analog measurement ability
  • Aluminum or Lexan cups available

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Technical Specifications




±1/2% of full scale


0.5 mph


Electrical: 0 - 357°
Mechanical: 0 - 360°
0 - 540° with appropriate translator

Temperature Range

-50°C to +65°C

Power Requirements

12 VDC at 10 mA, 12 VDC at 350 mA for heater

Output Signal

0 - 2.5 V, or 0 - 5 V