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Data loggers and telemetry are at the core of a modern remote environmental monitoring station. Traditional data loggers like the Stevens DLight provide versatility and low cost for most monitoring applications. Telemetry solutions include wide-range options like cellular and GOES, shorter-range technologies (900MHz) and Bluetooth options for eliminating cables. For a simple and cost-effective option that provides cellular communication of data directly to the cloud and eliminates the need for a datalogger, eTracker is an innovative solution.

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The Stevens Product Catalog is a handy reference—24 pages covering most major products.

cellular telemetry


Data telemetry can simplify and speed up the acquisition of critical information from remote locations. Stevens has been a pioneer in telemetry applications for environmental data collection since its development of the first remote environmental monitoring telemetry system, Telemark, in 1939.

Stevens remote telemetry systems take advantage of the latest wireless communication systems to create integrated environmental data collection solutions. We offer a choice of solutions from long-range wireless satellite telemetry to short-range Bluetooth wireless technology, providing a full range of capabilities to our customers for cost-effective data collection from remote locations.

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True cloud-based sensor configuration, logging, reporting and data analysis all-in-one.


Flexible, versatile, and very economical; ideal for most applications.


2-way cellular telemetry with current-sipping power efficiency.

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