Stevens Water Level Measurement Sensors

Stevens is the original water level measurement instrumentation company with the introduction of the widely know chart recorders introduced in 1911. Today, Stevens offers a wide selection of water level measurement sensors included robust ceramic pressure sensors, shaft encoders, acoustical sensor, and the visual reference staff gages. Stevens still offers the low-powered, mechanical chart recorders for a long-term uninterrupted, real-time chart of water level.

Pressure Sensors

liquid level sensor

Pressure sensors are submerged at a fixed level under the water surface. The pressure sensor measures the equivalent hydrostatic pressure of the water above the senor diaphragm. It is like weighing the water.

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Encoders / Floats

Stevens PAT Water Level Shaft Encoder

Stevens carries a number of encoders, potentiometers, linear variable differential transformers, and synchro that are used in liquid level measurement applications. These devices are float-operated sensors that utilize a float and counter-weight attached to a line placed around the Shaft Encoder’s pulley. As the liquid level changes the float moves up or down, moving the pulley. The shaft encoder turns the angular position of the pulley and shaft into an electronic water level signal that can be logged by an attached data logger.

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Non-Contact Water Level Sensors

Stevens Ultrasonic Non-Contact Liquid Level Sensor

Both ultrasonic and sonic level instruments operate on the basic principle of using sound waves to determine fluid level. The frequency range for ultrasonic methods is ~20-200 kHz, and sonic types use a frequency of 10 kHz. a transducer directs sound waves downward in bursts onto the surface of the water. Echoes of these waves return to the transducer, which performs calculations to convert the distance of wave travel into a measure of level. For practical applications of this method, you must consider a number of factors.

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Contact Meters

Stevens Contact Meter bore hole and well measurement

Our contact meter is an ideal device for quick, portable measurement of bore holes, wells, reservoirs, and other applications where liquid level depth is needed. The probe is simply feed down and when it reaches liquid the light on the front of the unit illuminates. Depth can then be read from the easy-to-read white tape.

Staff Gages

Stevens Staff Gage

The Staff Gage provides a quick and easy visual indicator of water level. Made with a durable baked-on porcelain enamel finish on a metal plate. Stevens was the company who originally designed and introduced the staff gage measurement styles used by the water resource market.

Stevens is one of the leading designers and providers of custom staff gages. Customer staff gages are for large size, slopes or flow measurements or for other unique mounting angles that a site may require for a easy visual measurement. Contact Stevens with your custom staff gauge requirements. 1.800.452.5272

Bubbler Systems

OTT Compact Bubbler System (CBS)

Bubbler systems are hydrostatic pressure sensors that are ideally suited for accurate liquid and water level measurement, especially in industrial process systems.


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