Introducing SOLO

SOLO is the ultimate 3-in-1 power manager:

  • Better battery life, higher battery efficiency.
  • Remote power controller – remotely cycle power on-demand or on a schedule.
  • Log system health status – predict and avoid problems.

1. Charge Controller

  • Adjustable float threshold
  • Optimizes charge current
  • Battery temperature compensation
  • Tapered charging

2. SDI-12 Power Sensor

  • Battery Voltage
  • Load Current
  • Solar Panel Voltage Output

3. Remote Power Cycling

  • Provides the most common remedy for station failures without a costly site visit.
  • Reset power to the whole station including the radio.

First, it’s a sensor that measures battery voltage, load current, and solar panel voltage output during solar cycle. As a sensor, this data can be logged and retrieved via remote telemetry—monitoring this data can be effective in helping to understand the efficient management of the power demands of the remote location, and of course to see problems before they occur.

The number one solution to all electronic issues is to first restart the device or system. This is one key attribute of the SOLO, which can receive commands via SDI-12 or remote pulse commands to control power to other connected devices (sensors, data loggers, radios.) With 2-way telemetry, this allows you to power cycle your station remotely when needed, or program a data logger to power cycle on a regular schedule as a preventative measure. Both can eliminate costly site visits to fix an unresponsive sensor, data logger or radio. Power cycling can be initiated via SDI-12 command, pulse input or manually via a physical switch (eliminating need to disconnect terminals). The length of time of the power cycle is programmable.

Finally, as a power manager, SOLO maximizes battery life and battery efficiency. It offers an adjustable float threshold (11 to 16 volts) via a trimpot which allows setting the optimum regulated current according to battery manufacturer’s specification. It optimizes charge current for lead acid and gel cell batteries. Battery temperature compensation increases or decreases the float voltage according to the temperature of the battery, ensuring colder temperatures don’t decrease the available power and the battery is not damaged through excessive charging with higher temperatures. SOLO also offers tapered charging, and will charge a battery at the full current output of the solar panel and automatically taper the current to zero as the battery voltage approaches the float level (SOLO then provides required trickle charging current to maintain the float level).