Soil Sensors Overview

As a leader in soil monitoring instrumentation, Stevens offers portable and in-situ sensors to measure moisture,  EC (salinity), temperature and matric potential.

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How to Install Stevens GroPoint Profile

Our friends at GroPoint put together this video demonstrating how to install the GroPoint Profile soil moisture profiling sensor. Senior GroPoint engineer Bruce Chambers demonstrates not only how easy it is to install the GroPoint Profile sensor, but also some valuable tips and tricks to make the installation go as smoothly as possible. The video… Read more

The Basics of Evapotranspiration

Evapotranspiration (ET) represents the loss of water from the Earth’s surface from the combination of direct evaporation and plant transpiration. ET is usually expressed as a rate such as inches per day. Knowledge of ET is important for irrigation scheduling but it is also an important factor for other land use applications such as septic… Read more

HydraProbe FAQs

Here are 7 questions and answers about using the Stevens HydraProbe. Q: What is the difference between the terms “real dielectric constant” (RDC) and the “real dielectric permittivity”? A: The terms real dielectric constant and real dielectric permittivity are often times used interchangeably and in a matter of speaking, are synonyms to one another. The… Read more

Improved Water Supply Forecasts Using Soil Moisture Data

HydraProbe used to improve water supply forecast from 3 SNOTEL sites in Idaho over traditional antecedent conditions using the principle component forecast model Much of the water in the Western United States used for irrigation, municipal supplies and hydro-electric production originates as winter snow pack at higher elevations. Since the early 1900s, the correlation between… Read more

Soil Moisture Applications and Practices Using the HydraProbe Soil Moisture Sensor

Over the past ten years, environmental monitoring has become increasingly important. Environmental factors such as climate change, dwindling water resources, and threatened habitats are driving the need to monitor the environment and implement better policies to protect it. Many natural processes in the environment are driven by or in some ways related soil hydrological processes.… Read more

Stevens HydraProbe Helps in Landslide Research

Each year during the wet season we hear news reports about landslides in America and abroad. Sometimes these events happen in unpopulated areas but unfortunately they also occur in areas where people live, causing property damage and taking lives. But what causes these events and what can be done about them? That’s what Dr. Burns,… Read more
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