The Stevens JL-2 is a temperature compensated, tapered charge controller that has been independently tested and proven to extend the performance life of a battery beyond leading regulators. The JL-2 has set-point adjustable float chargers that can be used with PV arrays or power supplies having power ratings as high as 40 watts (higher panel wattage can be handled under controlled conditions).

The regulator features low current consumption (typically less than 50 microamps), and battery temperature sensing and compensation. The optional external temperature sensor is held in contact with the battery case via an 8 foot cable. The float threshold is adjustable between 11 and 16 volts via a trimpot. The float level of the regulator changes by approximately -23 mV/degree C; colder temperatures causing a higher float level.

The JL-2 charge controller will charge a fully discharged battery at the full current output of the solar panel and will automatically taper the charging current to zero as the terminal voltage of the battery approaches the float level of the charger. The JL-2 then provides the required trickle current to maintain the battery at the float level, assuming sufficient sunlight.

An LED is illuminated from the solar panel current signifying ample current for battery charging and proper operation of the regulator.

The automatic current charge management and temperature compensation feature ensures the battery will not be damaged by overcharging and will increase the battery’s performance life.

Technical Specifications


Max. inut voltage 28 V
Max. charging current and/or power dissipation 4 A
JL-2 will handle 10 A if the power dissipated by the controller does not exceed 15 W.
Solar panel wattage 40 W
Operating current consumption 50 µA


Operating temp range -50° C to +50° C
Compensation -23 mV / °C
Storage temp range -55° C to +85° C


Dimensions 4.8” x 3.0” x 1.6”
(120 mm x 76 mm x 3.9 mm)
Weight 0.46 lbs (210 g)


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