Basic kit pictured.

The Stevens Tempe Cell System is a complete kit used to determine soil water holding characteristics, validate the accuracy of a soil moisture sensor, and determine volumetric soil moisture gravimetrically.

The Stevens Tempe Cell System can be used to develop a soil-specific calibration for soil sensors, achieving the highest possible accuracy for soil moisture measurements. With the Tempe Cell top housing, the Tempe Cell can be pressurized from 0 to 2 bar with a HydraProbe embedded inside the cell to generate a soil water retention curve. Because the HydraProbe is embedded inside the soil core while the water retention curve is being determined, HydraProbe soil sensors can then be used to measure the soil’s matric potential.

The Stevens Tempe Cell is ideal for mesonets, climate reference networks, and soil monitoring stations.


  • Collection of undisturbed soil samples from the field in an air tight cell for gravimetric/volumetric soil moisture determination.
  • Measure a soil’s soil water retention curve up to 2 bar.
  • Use the HydraProbe soil sensor to measure matric potential in addition to soil moisture.
  • Eliminate uncertainties from soil moisture measurement.
  • Develop soil-specific calibration equations for soil moisture sensors to achieve the highest level of accuracy.
  • Determination of bulk density in soil.


  • Mining
  • Agriculture/agricultural research
  • Climate reference monitoring
  • Soil carbon and gas flux monitoring
  • Soil contaminate remediation
  • Satellite ground-truthing
  • Drought, flooding and climate modeling
  • Soil water infiltration
  • Use a HydraProbe to measure matric potential eliminating the need of tensiometers.

Technical Specifications

Tempe sell max. pressure 2 bar
Coring ring inner dimensions 9 cm L x 8.56 cm ∅
Coring ring volume 517.9 cc
Coring ring outer diameter 8.89 cm


KIT Basic kit, non- pressurized Enhanced options for negative
and positive pressurization
USES Determination of soil bulk density, calibration development and validation. Soil water retention curves, field capacity determination, and more calibration points.
Note: drying oven and balance are not included.
  • Brass coring rings
  • Tempe base
  • Reservoir
  • SDI-12 Xplorer
  • HydraProbe
All items from basic kit, plus:
  • Ceramic plates for retention curves
  • Top assembly for pressurization
  • Pressure manifold
  • Compressor
  • Other accessories to pressurize Tempe Cell


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