Stevens-Connect is a cloud-based data acquisition and management software system that enables the collection, analysis, reporting, and storage of data from remote monitoring locations. As a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS), Stevens-Connect streamlines the data management process and can be accessed from any computer or smartphone with Internet connectivity.

Stevens-Connect manages data from multiple locations and reduces the need for a localized data management software and data collection hardware.

  • Immediate access to data, anywhere, any device.
  • Reduced IT requirements: no need for upgrades, transfer to other PCs, uptime maintenance, security.
  • No special hardware required, other than a modem at each monitoring location.
  • No software to install or reinstall.
  • Easily scalable: add additional station data collection when needed. Access data from any number of computers, even simultaneously.
  • Data can be received via cellular (CDMA and GSM) or satellite communications (GOES, Iridium, Inmarsat)
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Drag-and-drop Customizable Dashboard

Customizable dashboard lets each user configure what at-a-glance data to show and how. Drag-and-drop widgets, place them where you want and stretch to resize. Choose high-visibility single data values, line graphs, bar charts, fuel-gauge style graphs, 360° directional graphs and more, for any parameter your station is measuring.


Custom Calculations

Perform simple to complex math functions using any sensor data as variables and display the resulting calculated data as graphs or tables.


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Remotely Configure Hardware

Stevens-Connect provides a straightforward interface for configuring your remote M2M hardware (eTracker, Cell-Net, SOLO) hardware. Control all aspects of the station including logging and reporting intervals and all analog, pulse and SD-12 sensors. Make changes at any time, even if the station is in low-power (sleep) mode—all changes made will be synced to the remote station when it next transmits.

So rather than travel to the site to reconfigure, do it from anywhere there’s an Internet connection. Rather than writing code or scripts, use a simple graphical interface. Rather than installing an app or other software and requiring a specific computer, do it with any Internet-enabled device (smartphone, tablet, Mac or PC).


Forward Data to Any 3rd-Party Software

Stevens-Connect is an easy to use and easily accessible reporting and analysis tool: Ideal for visualizing your remote data. However, if you prefer to use other software like Aquarius or WISKI, that’s no problem: data can be automatically formatted and forwarded to your software, or you can choose to export the data to work with it in Microsoft Excel.


  • True cloud data service: Data via cellular or satellite networks is sent directly and securely to the Amazon cloud service. No back-end database hosting and web server controlled by Stevens in which data flow takes a detour to the cloud.
  • Web services: Integrate third party web services for enhanced data analysis.
  • Custom math functions: Ability to set up simple to complex algebraic math functions and logic “if” statements using any of the sensor measurements as variables and display the resulting calculate data as separate graphs and data tables.
  • Selectable calculations: Min/max, average, totalization, evapotranspiration, flow, dew point, wind chill, and conversion of raw data.
  • Data format flexibility: Forward data in various formats for 3rd party software platforms, like Aquarius or WISKI, or in other formats such as pseudo-binary, SHEF, and more.
  • Direct data access options: Third-party programs can access data using REST API or HTTP post.
  • Data output available in an XML, Excel, .CSV, and many other popular data formats.
  • Automated updates: Software updates and new features can be automated.
  • Alarms: Automatic alerts from user defined alarm condition for any measurement or calculation can be sent via email or SMS.
  • Security: Three user access levels for configurations, data management interface, and visualization. Data is stored on the secured and redundant Amazon Cloud service and can be export to other servers using HTTPS (optional FTP).


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